Guide to luxury interiors

Guide to luxury interiors

The world needs more beauty. Classic furniture is the perfection of forms and smooth lines, a harmonious combination of unshakable traditions and modern design. Surprisingly, it fits into the interior of different styles - from eclectic to gothic. Separate objects (classic armchair, table, chest of drawers) fill the atmosphere with new meaning, acting as an eloquent detail. This detail tells a lot: the impeccable taste of the owner, his respectability, respect for the skill of the performer and the high quality of the product.

Living room and dining room

In any classic living room, you expect, first of all, upholstered furniture: welcome guests and family members gather here, and the furnishings should in every way be arranged for a pleasant, easy-to-do rest. Natural materials have a favorable aura. In addition to the beautiful material embodiment (luxurious texture, precious woods, luxury textiles, leather, inlaid of natural stones) such furniture reflects the cultural experience of humanity. Carved mirror baguettes, luxurious dressing tables, stylized coffee tables evoke associations with Versailles, baroque, magnificent balls and royal residences.

Aristocratic looks the interior of the living room and kitchen with furniture upholstery natural palette. However, it is appropriate to dilute the neutral background with a bright upholstered sofa or soft chairs, which in this case will not be too extravagant. Decorating the dining room using natural shades of natural wood (oak, walnut, wenge) will make the colorful furnishings particularly spectacular.

The dining area assumes the presence of a classic dining table, the rounded shapes of which symbolize the home. Psychologists say that a circle or an oval contributes to the sincerity of communication. If generous feasts with a lot of guests are not uncommon in your home, the sliding model will turn the household chores into a holiday. The polished oak square tabletop organizes space, emphasizing the functionality of the objects. Mini-wall for crystal glasses and favorite porcelain will be a good addition to the kitchen ensemble.


The situation in the kitchen is difficult to overestimate. It is here that the hostesses excel themselves in culinary masterpieces, and the process of cooking, as you know, depends on the mood. Light tones usually prevail in space: cream, a color of baked milk, lavender, terracotta. Classic furniture for the kitchen includes tables, spacious closets, and small cupboards, chairs and stools. In addition to furniture filling, an important role is played by proper lighting and built-in appliances - another example of how classic is combined with modern trends.

Classic bedroom

The quality and depth of your sleep directly depend on what kind of bed you have. Everything should be fine in it: an elastic mattress, massively carved headboards, robust construction, and, obviously, natural wood.

Do not forget about the dressing table, wardrobe, and dresser. A charming console does not burden the interior, serving as a stand for cute trinkets. If the dimensions of the classic bedroom allow, install here a soft, cozy chair for an evening reading near the sconce or floor lamp. To create an intimate setting is also important to light: soft, slightly muffled as if diluted.

Home Office

Classic office furniture emphasizes the status of the owner. The classics here are not accidental, it is impossible to compete with it because it is associated with the aristocracy of the eighteenth century, thanks to the design transferred to modern realities. The shade of noble antiquity gives the atmosphere a certain romance. A desk, cabinets that store important papers in their bowels, a leather work chair are kept in a dark, rich palette (walnut, brandy, dark chocolate) with mostly natural colors.

Classic hall furniture

According to the designers, it is rightfully considered to be a business card of an apartment, setting the mood and presenting the style of the home from the very beginning. Place here the original puffs, mirrors, cabinets for outerwear. First of all, the functionality of things (for example, an umbrella stand or a shoe holder) and furniture is welcomed. Guests rate the hallway by how comfortable it is. Their flavors can be achieved thanks to the additional conveniences of a squat couch.


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