Art of carved wood decor

Art of carved wood decor

Furniture made of precious wood is considered the most environmentally friendly, beautiful and high quality. Such wood has a pronounced texture, so even without lining it looks very original. But with the finish looks even better. For this they use mosaic, inlay and, of course, figured carving. Each of these types of finishes has its advantages. But, perhaps, it is carved wooden furniture that brings a touch of luxury and elegance to the interior of the room.

Material for carved furniture

Wood carving is one of the oldest ways of artistic wood processing, which can be safely called the elite decorative art. With her decorate objects and furniture. Artistic carving in the interior today is becoming increasingly fashionable and widespread. This method of processing is especially appreciated, like any other manual work.

For a long time, craftsmen have mastered the ability to obtain highly artistic products using wood processing. Thanks to modern technology, hand-carved furniture can last much longer than before. It became possible due to various antiseptic impregnations and paint coatings.

To carry out the thread, wood is mainly taken in with a radial cut. With regard to wood, the most commonly used are the following:

  • Linden. Soft wood, so perfectly cut. Various small items are made from it. For example, frames, dishes, figurines, boxes, vases, toys.
  • Birch tree This breed has a clean and clear profile. From it are made various carved overhead furniture decorations, as well as various souvenirs.
  • Oak This is one of the hardest tree species. Carved upholstered furniture and large panels are usually made from it.
  • Alder Relatively cheap material, which is often used to mimic more valuable tree species. Used mainly for the manufacture of small products.
  • Walnut This material is well fed finishing and polishing. It produces children's carved furniture, compositions of easel sculpture and small objects.
  • Pear. This wood is a little cracked and jarred. It is used, for example, for finishing turned articles, carved furniture and various souvenirs.
  • Pine. Great for making massive frames. Carved pine furniture is quite strong and durable.
  • Similar in properties are maple, poplar, beech, aspen. These breeds are used in the manufacture of various souvenirs, household items, carved furniture, dishes, as well as various kitchen utensils.

Separately it is necessary to provide yew, spruce and cedar. These rocks are used to create large sculptures, carvings. From them are made platbands and carved cornices. The wood was eaten due to the presence of a thick resinous resin in it suitable for decorating the carved gates and the porch. It is also indispensable for the decoration of the veranda and the decoration of the balcony. From a cedar and a yew good souvenirs and decorative furnish turn out. Carved mahogany furniture is considered the most exquisite.

Artistic wood carving styles

Today, wood craftsmen make products in several basic styles, each of which is distinguished by its own artistic techniques and wood processing means.

  • Gothic This style has a lush decor. It is widely used in gold paint, as well as painted and carved sculptures associated with religion.
  • Empire Received its development in ancient Greece and Rome. In the thread were popular themes massive bumpers and emblems of military affairs. Also in great demand were elements in the form of armor, eagles and laurel wreaths. Often in the furniture of this style, you can see the legs in the shape of the paws of animals. Headboards are usually decorated with figure carvings in the form of other animals (for example, sphinxes, swans, lions).
  • Classicism Classic furniture is decorated with carvings with the presence of small items derived from other styles. At the same time, the tapestry is often included in the design. Classicism is characterized by straight lines and geometric strict forms. This style is preferred by people with impeccable taste, who appreciate elegance and severity. Today, with the help of woodcarving, you can highlight the beauty of the interior in a classic style.
  • Baroque The interior of this style is characterized by a desire for greatness, pomp and spatial scope. In the details of the thread there are observed rounded lines of complex outlines, tension, artificiality, contrast. Also noticeable is the dynamism and even symmetry of the presented images. At the same time, no rigor and straightness of geometric figures are observed in the details. Some elements of furniture carving can literally transform and revive.
  • Rococo This style is characterized by sophistication and congestion. In addition, in the details of the furniture in the Rococo style, the following topics are popular: gilding of bronze, winding vines, diamond-shaped grids. In the Rococo style furniture there are wavy shaped legs that are carved in the form of miniatures.


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